Weekly Computer Tip # 237
4 July 2008

Make more space on your screen - minimize the ribbon (Office 2007)

In Office 2007, when you click on a tab, you get a ribbon of options. The idea is that you have all the capabilities of Office available in a single area, so you can work more efficiently with the application. But what if you feel the screen is too cluttered? Well, why not minimize the ribbon so that you have more space available.

Here's how:

  1. Double-click the name of the active tab to minimize the Ribbon. (Or press CTRL + F1.)
  2. Double-click a tab to restore the Ribbon. (Or press CTRL + F1.)

To use any of the buttons while the Ribbon is minimized, simply click the tab you want to use. After you have clicked the option or command you want to use, the Ribbon goes back to being minimized.

Or, if you want to minimize the ribbon forever, move the mouse pointer over the down arrow to the right of the rightmost button on the Quick Access Toolbar and click Minimize the Ribbon.