Weekly Computer Tip # 220
2 February 2008

Selecting commands without using your mouse (Office 2007)

If, like me, you prefer to use your keyboard rather than your mouse, Office 2007 provides "KeyTips" that let you use the keyboard to quickly select commands.

Here's how:

  1. Press and release the ALT key.
  2. Press the relevant letter or number shown in the KeyTip next to the tab or button on the Quick Access Toolbar.

When you press a key to open a tab, letters appear over every button in the tab. You can then press the corresponding key to trigger the command. To hide the KeyTips, simply press the ALT key once more.

Wanna know my favourite KeyTip? Alt, W, W to switch between open documents.

By the way, help is at hand for anyone keen to get to grips with the latest Microsoft software, Office 2007. Our new half day 'What's New in Office 2007' session takes place in Cambridge on the afternoon of Thursday 14th February from 1.30 - 4.30pm, so you can still be home in time for a romantic Valentine's day meal! For more details or to sign up, visit office2007.html