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Weekly Computer Tip # 214
30 November 2007

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keyboard shortcut to apply currency or percent format (Microsoft Excel)

Yesterday I was working at a client's site and was confronted with a dinky little keyboard that is supposed to relieve the symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). As you probably know, many people develop RSI in their mouse hand because of the constant movement back and forth from the mouse to the keyboard. OK, keyboard shortcuts can help, but the problem is that not a lot of people know them. Hence my mission and here are two more - I believe - intuitive ones for Excel.

  1. to apply percent format : press CTRL+SHIFT+%
  2. to apply currency format : press CTRL+SHIFT+$

By the way, although you type a dollar sign, the currency style applied will depend on the regional settings for currency in your Control Panel. So for our British readers this means pound sterling. For our Dutch readers ... Happy Sinterklaas!

Until next week.

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