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Weekly Computer Tip # 207
15 September 2007

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keyboard shortcut to add a web page to your list of favourite pages (Internet Explorer)

You know I love keyboard shortcuts, especially those that make sense, like CTRL+S for SSSSSSSSSSave, CTRL+P for PPPPPPPPprint, CTRL+F for FFFFFFFind, etcetera. But I'm struggling to find a mnemonic for the keyboard shortcut to quickly add a web page to your list of favourite pages, other than perhaps Ali G' style ... Da best.

Here's how:

  1. Go to the page that you want to add.
  2. Press CTRL+D.

That's all! You don't even have to type a new name for the page or click OK to accept the default name, like you would have if you use the Favorites, Add to Favorites command. It simply adds the page, giving it the title of the web page itself (the one mentioned in the blue title bar).

In future, you can simply open your favourite pages from the Favorites menu. And for those of you who are the neat and tidy types ... you can rename or delete pages or move them to new folders by choosing the Favorites, Organize Favorites command.

Until next week.

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