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Weekly Computer Tip # 198
1 June 2007

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examine your document's formatting (Microsoft Word)

Ever "inherited" a document and don't have a clue what sort of formatting has been applied? Using the Reveal Formatting task pane you can quickly examine the formatting that is in effect in different parts of a document, as well as clear the formatting that has been applied to specific text.

Here's how:

  1. On the Format menu, click Reveal Formatting.
  2. Click anywhere in the text you want to examine. The Reveal Formatting task pane shows the font and paragraph formatting that is in effect at the current location of the insertion point.
  3. Click the blue underline in the task pane to open the relevant dialog box to make your required changes.
  4. Clear the formatting of the selected text by pointing to the text in the Selected text box in the task pane, and clicking on the down arrow that appears. Then click on Clear Formatting in the list of options.

Moral of this tip ... don't just dismiss that task pane; it has some great features!

Until next week.

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