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Weekly Computer Tip # 197
25 May 2007

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prevent fractions to be converted to dates (Microsoft Excel)

Do you ever have to enter fractions in an Excel worksheet? If so, you must know it can be a bit of an awkward task as Excel will turn your entry into a date format. For instance, if you type 1/2, Excel will turn it into 01-Feb. You might know that if you right-click the cell and select Format Cells you can select Fraction from the Category list. By that time, however, 01-Feb will be known as 39114. In short: a bit of a nightmare.

But there is a way to force Excel to accept your entry as a fraction.

Here's how:

  1. Click the cell in which you want to enter the fraction
  2. Type a zero followed by the fraction, for instance 0 1/2

The fraction will be displayed as you want it to be (1/2) and you can use it to do calculations, as normal.

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Until next week.

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