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Weekly Computer Tip # 194
20 April 2007

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click and type (Microsoft Word)

Do you ever have to produce signs for the office where you want the text to be in the center in the middle of a blank page? Or perhaps you need to create a title page in Word? Well, no need to change the vertical alignment (if you already knew how to do it). There is a much easier way!

Here's how:

  1. If necessary, switch to print layout view (in Word 2000 you seem to be able to do this in Normal view as well)
  2. Double-click where you want to insert the text
  3. Enter your text or insert a picture or table as normal

If this doesn't work (and you've made sure you are using print layout view if you are using version 2003) check whether you have the Click and Type feature enabled. To turn it on, select the Tools, Options command, click the Edit tab, select the Enable click and type check box, and then click OK.

Until next week.

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