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Weekly Computer Tip # 179
24 November 2006

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Repeat a table heading on every page (Word)

I absolutely love using tables in Word (which is why I offer half day training sessions on the topic; see http://www.roem.co.uk/tablestoc.html). So why do I absolutely love using Tables? (I'm so glad you asked!) Well, I often see people struggling to align pictures with text (which can be easily done in a table), or get their calculator out to total a list of numbers (which can be automatically done in a table), or . you get my drift! (If not, book the course! ;-)

But what if you fall in love with tables, create a really long one and end up with a table that's split between pages? I've seen people manually repeat their heading on subsequent pages, which is OK(ish) if you don't plan to insert any extra rows. So you'll be pleased to know there is an automatic way to repeat a table heading on subsequent pages.

Here's how:

  1. Select the first row(s) of text that you want to use as a heading.
  2. Choose the Table, Heading Rows Repeat command.

Repeated table headings are visible only in print layout view or when you print the document, so don't panic if you cannot see them. Simply choose the View, Print Layout command. Oh, and if you need to modify the heading and try to do so on one of the subsequent pages in print layout view... you cannot! The text really only "lives" on the first row and that's where you have to make your change.

Until next week.

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