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Weekly Computer Tip # 174
20 October 2006

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setting up a different first page for you slide template (Microsoft PowerPoint)

Many, many moons ago (in tip 13 to be precise, so at least 161 weeks ago) I explained that instead of placing your company logo on every single slide, you can have it appear automatically on every slide in your presentation. (See http://www.roem.co.uk/tip_13.html)

Well, during last week's "Boost PowerPoint beyond bullet points" seminar somebody wanted to have a different first page. And better still, have the "proper" logo on the title slide, but a colour-transparent version of it (like a watermark) on all the other slides. And then - best of all - get your future branded slide shows done faster by saving it as a template you can use time and time again by just adding your own words and personality to the text and layout.

Here's how:

  1. Open a new (or existing) document as normal.
  2. Choose the View, Master, Slide Master command.
  3. Switch to the Title Master by clicking on the associated master thumbnail in the pane on the left side of the Presentation window. If the Title Master thumbnail does not appear (which is very likely!) click on the Insert New Title Master button on the Slide Master View toolbar which is the second button from the left.
  4. Add you company's logo(s) and/or other picture(s) by choosing the Insert, Picture, From File command.
  5. If appropriate, modify your font, font size etcetera to reflect your company's branding.
  6. Switch to the Slide Master by clicking on its thumbnail on the left.
  7. Once more, add you company's logo and/or other pictures by choosing the Insert, Picture, From File command.
  8. Right-click the picture or logo, choose the Format Picture (or Format Object) command, select the Picture tab and select "Washout" (v2003) or "Watermark" (v2000) from the Color [sic] dropdown list.
  9. If appropriate, modify standard footers, like your company name, change your font, size, and company's branded colour scheme.
  10. Close the master by clicking on the Close Master View button on the Slide Master View toolbar, or select the View, Normal command.
  11. On the File menu, click Save As.
  12. In the File name box, type a name for your template, and then, in the Save as type box, click Design Template.
  13. Click Save.

The template is saved to the Templates folder. (This is the folder that PowerPoint uses by default when you select Design Template as the file type in the Save As dialog box.) In future, all you have to do is choose the File, New command and select the template from the New Presentation task pane under "Recently used templates" or "On my computer".

Finally, if you are looking to create more sophisticated and impressive slide shows which will give you both the confidence and competence to enjoy making PowerPoint presentations, join us on the next seminar, scheduled for 7 December. To find out more contact me on 01223 214177 or visit http://www.roem.co.uk/beyond_bullet_points.html

Until next week.

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