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Weekly Computer Tip # 172
29 September 2006

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Create a log file (Microsoft Notepad)

Microsoft Notepad is a basic word processing tool that comes with Windows and can be found under the Accessories program group. OK, admit it! Did you ever use it? Well, until the other day the only time I had a need for it was to edit my website's html pages. (Don't ask.) But following an email from fellow country man, Maarten G. de Bruin, I'm now using it to create a log file that adds the current date and time each time the Notepad file is opened. Bedankt voor de tip, Maarten! (Which means "Thanks for the tip, Maarten!" but you might have guessed as much.)

Here's how:

  1. Click on the Start button on the Windows taskbar, point to All Programs, select Accessories and select Notepad from the subsequent submenu.
  2. On the first line type .LOG (in capitals starting with a dot!)
  3. Save the file as normal

Now, each time you open the document, the time and date will be added to the page automatically. OK, I know you can insert a date and time stamps in OneNote and I promised myself I'd have a go at my new "toy" but hey! This is just SO simple! By the way, did I tell you how I got my (free!!) copy of Microsoft Office OneNote 2003? Well, my favourite Word tip (http://www.roem.co.uk/tip_48.html) got published in Microsoft's Newsletter. Yes, that Microsoft. (Me, gloat? Never!) And in exchange they sent me a copy of OneNote. (See

Until next week.

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