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Weekly Computer Tip # 17
8 June 2003

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Clippy gets clipped (Microsoft Office)

Microsoft Office XP "killed" Clippit, the (annoying?) animated paper clip created to help users navigate Office features. No longer will Clippit (commonly known as "Clippy"), Rocky the Dog, Links the Cat, The Dot, or any of the other Office Assistant characters show up on your desktop by default.

Did you know ...

that if you have not yet upgraded your computer to XP you can temporarily hide the Office Assistant or turn it off for your entire session?

Here's how:

To temporarily hide the Office Assistant: 1. on the Help menu, click Hide the Office Assistant (or right-click the Office Assistant and choose Hide).

To turn off the Office Assistant for an entire session: 1. in the Assistant balloon, click Options. (If the Assistant balloon isn't visible, click the Assistant) 2. on the Options tab, clear the "Use the Office Assistant" check box (the top one).

Or if it's the paperclip itself you find annoying why not select a different Office Assistant?

Here's how:

  1. click the Office Assistant. (If the Assistant isn't visible, click Show the Office Assistant on the Help menu.)
  2. in the Assistant balloon, click Options. (If the Assistant balloon isn't visible, click the Assistant)
  3. click the Gallery tab, and then scroll through the different assistants by using the <Back and Next> buttons. When you are finished selecting your assistant, click the OK button.

Next, vote at Microsoft's online poll what Clippy should do with all its newfound spare time. For years Clippy has told us what to do. Now it's your turn; see http://www.microsoft.com/Office/clippy/. (So who says Microsoft can't poke fun at themselves?)

Until next week.

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