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Weekly Computer Tip # 167
18 August 2006

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quickly add horizontal lines (Microsoft Word)

This week's tip comes from Jonathan Grant who wrote about his own favourite MS Word tip ... a very quick way to put horizontal lines across a page without having to use the Draw feature or the Format, Borders and Shading command.

"Hope this is good enough/interesting enough to get onto your site." Jonathan wrote. Is the Pope Catholic? Jonathan, I love it! (With apologies for this late publication, though! Better late than never, eh?!)

Here's how:

  1. horizontal line: type three dashes (---) and press ENTER
  2. double line: type three equal signs (===) and press ENTER
  3. (fancy) three lines: type three hash signs (###) and press ENTER
  4. wavy line: type three tildes (~~~) and press ENTER
  5. dashed line: type three asterixes (***) and press ENTER
  6. bold horizontal line: type three underscores (___) and press ENTER

Cannot visualize it? Have a look at

If you need to delete a line simply click the mouse in the margin to the left of the line and press the Delete key on your keyboard. (See tip # 50 http://www.roem.co.uk/tip_50.html and # 51 http://www.roem.co.uk/tip_51.html for tricks and shortcuts for selecting blocks of text.)

Oh, and if you want to tell me what YOUR favourite tip is, drop me a line. (My favourite Word tip - before I fell in love with Jonathan's - used to be SHIFT+F5 to quickly return to the location in which you last typed or edited text in Word.)

Until next week.

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