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Weekly Computer Tip # 160
23 June 2006

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black out the screen during a presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint)

Today's tip is inspired by the feedback on the "happy sheets" of Tuesday’s Boost PowerPoint beyond bullet points seminar. Before I go on I should apologise for a blatant bit of bragging, but what's the point of havin your own weekly audience if you don't blow your own trumpet every now and then.
So here it goes ... "The best seminar in any Microsoft Office application I've ever attended. Extremely good value for money - particularly with the month of support and file of notes. Highly recommended." (Now how nice is that?! Thanks, Sue!)

But back to this week's tip which resulted from the question "What is your favourite tip you picked up today." F5, n, p, making perfect circles. (Remember any of these? See tip 38, 144 and 153.) But another favourite one last Tuesday was b and w, which will temporarily black out (or "white out") the screen during a presentation. This can, for instance, be extremely useful during a Question & Answer session so you get the audience’s full attention. (You hope!)

Here's how:

  1. black out the screen: press the letter "b" OR
  2. white out the screen: press the letter "w"

To resume the slide show, simply press "b" or "w" once more. (Press F1 during your slide show - or better still, when you're rehearsing your presentation! - to see more of these helpful slide show shortcuts.)

By the way, our first Boost PowerPoint beyond bullet points was completely sold out (there are only 10 places), which is why I’ve been busy arranging the next date (and making some enhancements). So I’m pleased to announce that the next seminar will be held on the morning of 20 September (see http://www.roem.co.uk/beyond_bullet_points.html). Book before 1 July and receive a 20% early-bird discount. Pay just £379 (+VAT).

Until next week.

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