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Weekly Computer Tip # 158
9 June 2006

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prevent AutoComplete suggestions from being entered (Microsoft Word)

Last week we looked at how to turn off Word's AutoComplete suggestions. But as some of you might find these little pop-up boxes useful, rather than irritating, you might simply want to prevent the suggested entry from going in.

Here's how:

When the AutoComplete suggestion pops up, simply press the Escape (Esc) key, which can normally be found in the top, left-hand corner of your keyboard.

With thanks to Naomi Porter for this excellent tip!

By the way, for other tips on using the escape button, check out tip # 84 (http://www.roem.co.uk/tip_84.html).

On an entirely different note, some of you might know a bit about the fact that whenever you come to one of my courses your money does good stuff. Like any other training company, in trying to improve the quality and effectiveness of my training, I ask your opinion on the course you have attended. But as I know everyone hates filling out forms, I donate GBP3.00 to "Children of Nepal" for every completed form I receive. So your feedback makes a real difference!

If you can spare a little money, please sponsor me on this year's 10th annual sponsored walk (a whopping 5 miles! ;-), which will be held on 15 July in Peterborough. Last year we raised the fantastic total of GBP2650, all of which has gone directly to the Children of Nepal. (A big THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored me last year.)

"Children of Nepal" is a small British charitable organisation that has the aim of extending and improving educational opportunities for children living in Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world. The children in Nepal don't ask for televisions, computers or Nike trainers but they would appreciate classrooms with clean running water and toilets. With your help, Children of Nepal can give young people in this beautiful country a fair chance to gain an education. Money earned easily in the developed world goes a long way in Nepal, especially where we are able to get labour donated locally. To find out more about the charity you should definitely check out the charity's website: http://www.children-of-nepal.org.uk/

Until next week.

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