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Weekly Computer Tip # 155
12 May 2006

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keyboard shortcut to start slide show from current slide (Microsoft PowerPoint 2003)

As mentioned about two months ago (in tip # 145 to be precise ;-) ; see http://www.roem.co.uk/tip_145.html) I told you about the fact that, having worked with MS Office 2003 on my laptop for ages, I had finally succumbed and upgraded my "desktop" to version 2003 as well. Well, as I use that machine more often than my laptop, I'm gradually finding out things that I absolutely love. (And loathe, but hey!)

You probably know you can simply press F5 to start a slide show right from the beginning (as compared to the slide you were displaying before swapping to slide show view). Well, they now also have a new keyboard shortcut to start the slide show from its current slide. So no need to use the Slide Show button in the lower left corner, which can be a nightmare if you're a) shaking nervously or b) have a mouse that's more like a shopping trolley.

Here's how:


(Press the SHIFT key and while you keep your finger on the SHIFT key, click on the F5 key.)

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Finally, I'll be back on air this afternoon (between 2 and 3) so if you want to have a good laugh on my account tune in to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. You can listen live from
or check out the 'haunted' Radio Cambridgeshire Studio 1A webcam:

Until next week.

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