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Weekly Computer Tip # 154
7 May 2006

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navigate to a specific slide during a presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint)

Last week I explained how to avoid nervously shaking your mouse pointer around while presenting, by using keyboard shortcuts to navigate through your slides. But picture this ... somebody in the audience asks you to return to one of the slides where you talked about such and such. OK, you can flick through the slides. Or randomly try a specific slide number. (Was it 4? No! 7? Neither. 12? Nope!) Or - heaven forbid - you go to slide sorter view (you know, where you can view your slides as a thumbnail), distracting everybody in the process. So the moral of the story ... use PowerPoint's built-in method to navigate to a specific slide.

Here's how:

  1. In slide show view (i.e. the actual slide show presentation), right-click anywhere on the screen.
  2. From the shortcut menu select Go to Slide. (If you use PowerPoint 2000, select Go, followed by By Title.)
  3. From the list of slide titles (assuming you used titles!) click the slide you want to display.
  4. To return to the previously viewed slide, right-click again, and select Last Viewed (or Previously Viewed in v2000) from the shortcut menu.

Hope that helps to deliver high impact slide shows. Clear, persuasive communication - between individuals, within teams, among departments, to clients - is a vital part of any successful organisation. That's why I've developed a new hands off PowerPoint seminar, giving you the opportunity to discover excellent PowerPoint features that you should add to your everyday work. Join me at St John's Innovation Centre on the morning 20 June and learn in half a day how to increase the visual impact of your presentations. You will go home with a workbook and CD packed with exercise files to practice what you've learnt at your own pace in your own time. Places are just GBP79 per person. To book your place call or email me or see http://www.roem.co.uk/beyond_bullet_points.html for further course details.

Until next week.

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