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Weekly Computer Tip # 153
29 April 2006

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navigate through your slides while presenting (Microsoft PowerPoint)

Before I dive into today's tip I want to set the record straight about last week's keyboard shortcuts to flick through your Outlook items. Sue Mansfield wrote that she found the tip very useful (phew!) but that she needed to hold the shift key down as well. So to recap (and give you another chance to test it out) ... press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[,] or [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[.] Don't find that intuitive at all? Well, if you look closely, you'll see that [Shift]+[,] is the smaller than sign < whereas [Shift]+[.] is the greater than sign > which makes the shortcuts more obvious. (I think! ;-) Thanks for pointing that out, Sue!

Now on with this week's tip ... navigating through your slides while presenting. I've recently been running some train-the-trainers sessions and want to share some keyboard shortcuts to make the whole experience a bit less nerve-racking as nobody will see your mouse shaking all over the screen! ;-)

Here's how:

  1. Start the slide show: press F5
  2. Go to the next slide: press n (or SPACEBAR or ENTER)
  3. Go to the previous slide: press p
  4. Go to a specific slide number: press the slide number+ENTER
  5. Return to slide one: press 1+ENTER

By the way. Something funny happened during one of these recent two-day train-the-trainer programmes. It was wrap-up time so there I was, ensuring that participants were happy with what was covered and that they felt confident to return to their desks and start their new role. "Any last-minute questions?" I asked. "Yes", one of my female course participants answered. "Where did you buy your shoes?"

Until next week.

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