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Weekly Computer Tip # 145
3 March 2006

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add a signature to a single email message (Microsoft Outlook 2003)

Welcome to all our new subscribers this week. Over the years the number of people who start the week with their own personal copy of these tips has been growing steadily. But it's been a bit more than usual this week. (Perhaps something to do with my recent radio appearance? Ahum!) Mind you, a few weeks ago I received a whopping 244 subscription requests in 12 hours. Well, the excitement stopped there ... guess it was harvest time for spammers!

Speaking of email ... having worked with MS Office 2003 for ages on my laptop, I finally succumbed and upgraded my "desktop" to Office 2003 as well. Most of the new things in Outlook I absolutely love (especially "Match Destination Formatting" and the fact that reminders are now in one single box, although I must admit I don't read them as carefully as I used to). But one thing I really, really miss is the ability to flick between various signatures. You know, one private, one for work, one with your mobile, one without ... In Outlook 2000 there was a nifty button on the Standard toolbar between "Paste" and "Insert File". Well, tough, it's no longer there!

So if you want to add a signature to a single email message you have to manually insert it. There are various ways to do this (after all, Microsoft prides itself to prove the saying that there is more than one way to skin a cat) but I settled for a "simple" copy and paste.

Here's how:

  1. In the email message, click on the Options drop-down list (not the Options button itself) on the "Send toolbar", and select E-mail Signature.
  2. In case of a new signature type a name for your new signature in the "Type the title of your e-mail signature or choose from the list box", and insert the text that you want to use for a signature under "Create your e-mail signature". Click Add.
  3. In the "Type the title of your e-mail signature or choose from the list box", click the name of the e-mail signature you want to use.
  4. Under "Create your e-mail signature", select the signature text you want to add to your email message.
  5. Press CTRL+C or right-click over the selected signature and click Copy.
  6. Click Close.
  7. In the email message, place your cursor where you want the signature to appear, and then press CTRL+V (or right-click and click Paste).

It's easier done than said. (Honest!)

By the way, a big 'ta very much' for all of your good wishes last Friday, 24/2, to settle my nerves for my very first radio appearance. I mean, it's not every day you get invited to appear on BBC Radio, even if it is just the local station. So I put on my best clothes, combed my hair (it's radio, man!) and drove to 104 Hills Road to pop in for a chat with Sue Dougan. First question, live on air. Ron from Cambridge. "What's the Scroll Lock key on my keyboard for?" Nerve-racking start. What is this key that seems to serve no purpose whatsoever? In all these years I don't remember ever pushing it. Oh boy, do I feel silly! Right. Get over it. Next! Sixty minutes later and I was the owner of a recording I probably never ever want to listen to. But in a strange way we seemed to hit it off ... I'll be back on 7 April.

Finally, due to popular demand, I've scheduled another Excel with Excel seminar. Join me on Thursday 11 May for a lively mix of demonstrations and business examples and go back with a seminar handout and CD packed with exercise files to practice what you've learnt at your own pace in your own time. Book before 31 March and pay just GBP187 + VAT. (Full price GBP247.) You can read more about the seminar online: http://www.roem.co.uk/handsoff_excel110506.html.

Until next week.

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