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Weekly Computer Tip # 14
19 May 2003

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What to do if your browser's "Back" button isn't working (Microsoft Internet Explorer)

The browser's "Back" button is one of the primary ways users tend to navigate the Web. Clicking it will normally take you back to the previously visited page. However, in some Web designs, using your "Back" button just loops endlessly back to the page you are trying to back out from. Clicking on the "Back" button two or three times rapidly might get you back or you can simply close down the application. However,

Did you know ...

you can work around this problem, by selecting the previous Web site from the navigation history stack your browser lists.

Here's how:

  1. right-click the "Back" button or click the arrow to the side of the "Back" button
  2. select the previous page or any of the last pages you visited in this session from the list

You're "back" in business.

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