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Weekly Computer Tip # 134
19 November 2005

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Problems resetting the font size or colour of the text of a mail message (Microsoft Outlook)

With Outlook, you can send mail messages in three message formats: Plain Text, HTML and Rich Text. I tend to use "plain text" as it ensures maximum compatibility. Anybody who has an email account will be able to read my message. However, it means I cannot "embed" pretty pictures or do any fancy formatting. I also realise it looks as if you cannot reply using any formatting, such as putting replies underneath my original text in a different colour. And I know that's exactly what some of you want to do when replying to my messages. So, this tip is to let you know that you can "convert" plain text messages to HTML or Rich Text format, enabling you to reset the formatting of your reply.

Here's how:

  1. Reply to the message as normal.
  2. Choose the Format command.
  3. Select HTML or Rich Text.

Not sure which format to go for? Well, "Rich Text" allows you to create and view mail messages that include text attributes, such as bold, italics and colour, bullets and special alignment, whereas "HTML" allows you to create and view mail messages that include text attributes, bullets and special alignment, as well as such things as animated graphics, multimedia objects and Web pages.

So go on, show me you've understood this tip and send me a reply with some fancy formatting or pretty pictures!

Until next week.

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