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Weekly Computer Tip # 133
11 November 2005

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Print each report section on a separate page (Microsoft Access)

Gotta couple of really good tip ideas. (Thanks, Sheila!) But before addressing those, I want to share a solution that made one of my clients extremely happy. She is using Microsoft Access to create monthly reports for each of their customers. However, the report that was created for her would print continuously without page breaks for each different customer, whereas she wanted to have each customer details on a different page. OK, she got around it by creating separate reports for each customer, but it was quite a tedious task. And one that had to be repeated every month! Well, there is a better way to manage the output of your Access report.

Here's how:

  1. Create the grouped report as normal.
  2. Open the report in Design View.
  3. Double-click the Group Header (Section) Selector to display the section's property sheet. (You can find this selector in the vertical ruler on the left of the screen, next to the group header, named - for instance - "customer Header".)
  4. Set the ForceNewPage property to Before Section.

All records in each group/section will be printed on the same page. For example, all orders for the client or all clients in a particular city, or all participants attending a particular course, or ... you get my drift.

Finally, as I'm a day early I'd like to take the opportunity to wish you all a great weekend. Reason why I'm emailing you today is that I'm off to Holland to see the arrival of Sinterklaas by steamboat from Spain. "Sinterwho?" I hear you ask. Well, if you're intrigued, see the website of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
http://www.minbuza.nl/default.asp?CMS_ITEM=2BB64B5B44704979BBBC83227D095845X 3X50050X18 (Never one to miss an opportunity to educate! ;-)

Until next week.

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