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Weekly Computer Tip # 132
5 November 2005

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File a duplicate mail message into a folder (Microsoft Outlook)

OK, this tip on how to file a duplicate mail message goes against all recommendations I talk about during my Records Management awareness training. Duplicate information is a nightmare for any records manager! (Not only does this bring into question the authority and reliability of the information, it demonstrates that records management processes within the company are failing, they increase storage requirements and make it difficult to demonstrate compliance with legislation. So now you know.) But sometimes I just want to have a copy of a message in two folders!!

Here's how:

To copy one or more mail messages into a new folder (using the menu system):

  1. Select the message(s) that are to be filed.
  2. Choose the Edit, Copy to Folder command.
  3. In the Copy Items dialog box, which is subsequently displayed, select the folder in which the message(s) is/are to be stored.
  4. Click on the OK button.

Or (the one I use and like best ...)

To copy one or more mail messages into a new folder (using the drag and drop technique):

  1. Select the message(s) that are to be filed.
  2. Press and hold down the right (!) mouse button over any of the selected messages.
  3. Whilst holding down the right mouse button, drag the message(s) to the folder in which the message(s) is/are to be stored.
  4. Release the mouse button.
  5. Select Copy from the short-cut menu.

By the way, there is a little trick to select multiple messages. If they are adjoining, click the first message of the range, then press SHIFT and click the last message. To select non-contiguous messages press CTRL and click each message. Selected messages will be highlighted.

Finally, last week was the first anniversary of Roem Limited. Call me a big softie, but these are fitting times to thank the people who have helped make it happen ... Maggie Carr for believing in me as a wannabe IT trainer back in 1993. PR coach Paula Gardner for her fresh perspectives and creativity, inspiring me to dig deeper into myself for new ideas. Ruth Brown for her excellent design and no-nonsense approach. Hubby for supporting me to grab life by the you-know-what and go for it and for putting up with my endless babble after his long day at work. And of course, my clients. Thanks, guys! (Sniff.) Hope you all agree that the different company status hasn't meant any changes to the services I offer or the way I work. When I set up my own business 5 years ago I did that out of a passion for teaching and my love for working with people, i.e. a career that offers more than a payslip! I'm still passionate about sharing the best of what I know with you and I will continue to focus on designing and delivering training in non-traditional ways as I know conventional training can be boring for some or even scary for others. Motivate yourself to continually learn and develop and remember ... Only the mediocre are always at their best. (Jean Giraudoux or a Yiddish proverb or anonymous, depending on who you belief ;-)

Until next week.

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