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Weekly Computer Tip # 118
9 July 2005

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Remove Reply to All button from toolbar (Microsoft Outlook)

Next Saturday (16 July) I'll be doing my annual sponsored walk, raising money for "Children of Nepal". The other day we got an email message with some details about the event. All recipients were asked to reply to the message, so before I knew it I was aware of the answers of the others. Obvious Reply to All (ab)use. No doubt we can all relate to this. We might have hit the Reply to All button by accident ourselves. Or you might have had to wade through the "will do", "got it" and "thanks" responses in your inbox.

So I would challenge you to remove the Reply to All button from the toolbar, making it a more conscious action to send a reply to everyone who received the original message.

Here's how:

  1. From the Tools menu, select Customize.
  2. With the Customize dialog box open, click and drag the Reply to All button away from your toolbar.
  3. Click the Close button.

Certainly, "Reply to All" has its uses. So if you really need to reply to everyone who received the original message you can use the Actions, Reply to All command. Or if you really, really want the button back, see tip # 61 (http://www.roem.co.uk/tip_61.html).

Finally, if anybody would like to sponsor me, please get in touch. (Just don't reply to all ;-) Alternatively, book a course and complete an evaluation form. (Since October last year I donate three pounds to "Children of Nepal" for every completed "happy sheet". "Children of Nepal" is a small British charitable organisation that has the aim of extending and improving educational opportunities for children living in Nepal. Money earned easily in the developed world goes a long way in Nepal. See http://www.children-of-nepal.org.uk/ for further details.)

Until next week.

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