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Weekly Computer Tip # 109
24 April 2005

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quickly change your computer's time zone (Microsoft Windows)

Sending you herewith a tip I thought of whilst hopping between time zones this week, when I could no longer rely on the "correct time" to be displayed in the right hand bottom corner of my laptop. 07:30 it said, when it was really 15:30 in my classroom in Korea. I could obviously change the computer's time, but why not change the time zone instead? (That way you'll even make sure the correct date is displayed, in case you'd travel a bit further.)

Here's how:

  1. To open Date/Time Properties dialog box, double-click the Clock on the Taskbar. (Normally, in the right bottom corner.)
  2. On the Time Zone tab, in the box above the map, select your new time zone.
  3. Click the OK button.

One bit of warning, though. Microsoft Outlook shifts all your appointments to reflect the new time zone. (A feature, not a bug ;-) So the start of the training that was entered as 9AM in the UK, suddenly appeared as 5PM. By which time all course participants wanted to go home! (My revenge for when they recently rang me at 3AM, obviously not having checked the computer's time zone! ;-) Mind you, you can add another time zone in Outlook. Check out the Calendar options from the Tools, Options command or wait until I get so annoyed during one of my travels, that I write a tip on the subject.

By the way, did you know that if you hover your mouse pointer over the clock on the Taskbar (so don't click it!) it will display the date? Which can, as mentioned before, be another good reason to change your computer's time zone rather than the time itself, as the date might be different on your travels.

Until next week.

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