PowerPoint 2003

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Do you need to learn how to create presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint?

This course provides you with an overview of the use of PowerPoint 2003 and shows you how to get started using the program.

Date: Tuesday 27 January 2009
Venue: Sun House, 23 Queen Edith's Way, Cambridge CB1 7PH
Start Time: 9.30pm
End Time: 16.30pm
Price: £197 (+VAT)

Unless otherwise agreed to, payment is due before the training event. Roem Limited reserves the right to refuse entry to any attendee should payment not have been received.

The price includes lunch, a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) approved seminar handout with a USB stick with exercise files for you to work through and take away, as well as one month post course advice.

The maximum class size is 5, providing computer training in a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere. You will be led through each topic and there will be plenty of opportunity for hands-on exercises, questions and individual support. The practical work will be done on laptops using PowerPoint v2003.

Course outline:

Getting started

  • what is PowerPoint? starting PowerPoint
  • the PowerPoint application window
  • working with PowerPoint menus and toolbars
  • using PowerPoint task panes
  • displaying help information, exiting from PowerPoint

Creating text slides

  • resetting the working folder
  • creating a new presentation
  • adding a new slide to a presentation
  • saving a presentation, editing the text on a slide
  • working in the slides tab, working in the outline tab
  • resetting the line spacing of paragraphs on a slide
  • closing a presentation file

Using the drawing toolbar

  • reopening a presentation file, moving a placeholder
  • adding an autoshape to a slide, adding text to an autoshape
  • printing slides

Creating a PowerPoint table

  • adding a PowerPoint table to a slide
  • formatting a PowerPoint table

Creating a PowerPoint chart

  • adding a PowerPoint chart to a slide
  • modifying the components of a PowerPoint chart

Including clip art in a presentation

  • inserting a clip art image into a slide
  • entering additional text on a slide

Using design templates

  • applying a design template to a presentation
  • changing the color scheme for slides, adding a footer to slides
  • modifying the slide master and the title master

Creating speaker notes

  • entering text on a notes page
  • adding a header and footer to notes pages and handouts
  • using PowerPoint print options

Producing a slide show

  • running a slide show, changing the order of slides in a slide show
  • excluding a slide from a slide show, adding transition effects to slides

Additional PowerPoint features

  • basing a new presentation on a design template
  • using the autocontent wizard
  • using the spelling checker, using the thesaurus
  • resetting and replacing fonts in a presentation
  • exporting a PowerPoint presentation to Microsoft Office Word

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