Microsoft® Word® Introduction - course outline

Microsoft Word is a widely used and powerful word-processing package. The primary objective of this one-day Introduction course is to familiarise you with the basic operations of Word. This extremely practical course will provide hands-on experience of many of the features found in this product to create and alter simple documents. By the end of the course you will be competent with the following skills:

Getting started

  • starting Word, the Word application window
  • using the Word menu system
  • using the Microsoft Office button, using the quick access toolbar
  • displaying help information
  • exiting from Word

Creating a document

  • resetting the working folder
  • entering text into a document, saving a document
  • examining document properties, printing a document
  • closing a file

Editing a document (Part 1)

  • reopening a file
  • moving the insertion point within a document / selecting text
  • inserting the current date and time into a document
  • inserting text into a document/deleting text from a document
  • reversing an edit operation

Editing a document (Part 2)

  • finding text in a document
  • finding and replacing text in a document, moving a text block
  • copying a text block, changing the zoom level of a document
  • displaying a document in full-screen mode

Formatting a document (Part 1)

  • applying attributes to text, applying a new font and font size to text
  • simultaneously applying multiple font options to text
  • indenting a paragraph, formatting existing text
  • resetting line and paragraph spacing in a document
  • resetting paragraph alignment in a document

Formatting a document (Part 2)

  • resetting the margins of a document
  • resetting the page orientation for a document
  • setting and clearing tab stops in a document
  • using decimal tab stops
  • creating a bulleted/numbered list
  • inserting a hard page break/creating a multiple-page document

Using Word's writing tools

  • using the spelling and grammar checker, using the thesaurus
  • using the translation dictionary, defining and inserting an autotext entry
  • customizing the autocorrect dictionary

Additional Word features

  • using a Word template to create a document
  • inserting symbols and special characters into a document
  • printing an envelope and a label
  • saving a document as a web page
  • using full screen reading view

This course outline is a guide. All our courses can be tailored to customer requirements.

Target audience
This course is aimed at new or recent users of Word.

Assumed knowledge
Delegates should be familiar with the Windows operating system, either from attending a Windows Introduction Course or knowledge gained from their own experience. No knowledge of Word is expected.