Microsoft Access Introduction - course outline

Microsoft Access is an easy-to-use tool for creating user-friendly databases.

The primary objective of this one-day Introduction course is to familiarise you with the basic operations of Access. By the end of the course, you will be confident in using the essential features of Access to create, alter and query simple databases. It will provide hands-on experience of many of the features found in this product. By the end of the course you will be competent with the following skills:

Getting Started

  • what is Access, starting Access, the Access application window
  • using the Access menu system, using the Microsoft Office button
  • using the quick access toolbar, basic Access terminology
  • examining Access objects
  • resetting the database folder, displaying help information
  • exiting from Access

Setting up a new database

  • designing and creating a new database, creating a new table
  • entering records in datasheet view
  • printing the datasheet of a table
  • navigating through records in datasheet view
  • closing a table/closing a database file

Creating a form/modifying and manipulating data

  • reopening a database file/reopening a table
  • creating a form
  • navigating through records in form window/closing a form
  • reopening a form
  • switching between form view and datasheet view
  • entering records in form view
  • editing records in datasheet view and form view
  • using the find feature
  • deleting records in datasheet view and form view
  • modifying the datasheet view of a table
  • sorting the records in a table

Displaying selected records

  • filtering the records in a table
  • creating and running a query, modifying a query
  • including a numeric condition in a query
  • including a calculated field in a query

Creating a report

  • creating a simple tabular report
  • creating a grouped tabular report, modifying a report

Additional Access features

  • copying, renaming and deleting database objects
  • compacting and repairing a database, backing up a database
  • importing spreadsheet data into an Access table
  • importing text into an Access table

This course outline is a guide. All our courses can be tailored to customer requirements.

Target audience
This course is aimed at new or recent users of Access.

Assumed knowledge
Delegates should be familiar with the Windows operating system, either from attending a Windows Introduction Course or knowledge gained from their own experience. No knowledge of Access is required.