Tailored training and support and one-to-one sessions

If you cannot find a standard course that meets your specific requirements or need help with a particular task you struggle with, let us help.

Sessions can be held at your workplace or at our office in Cambridge. My hands-on courses can also be delivered online as a series of shorter virtual sessions, if necessary over a couple of days or weeks.

Although the IT training industry has been built on the model of selling complete courses, many people already have a good percentage of skills, meaning they will be better off learning exactly what they need rather than sitting through a standard full day course. Which is why you can benefit from cherry-picking the most relevant course topics from the various 'off the shelf' course outlines.

The material can be designed in a step-by-step format, suitable for hands-on training as well as for self-study which can be completed in stages to fit your employees' work schedules.

Our bespoke service is used regularly by small and medium sized businesses, universities and large multinationals, for Microsoft training programmes and roll-outs and one-to-one training sessions, as well as for OpenText Content Server training.

Upgrading to Microsoft 365 or your own bespoke software? We can also help with training programme roll-outs.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you then please contact us on 01223 214177 or email us.