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Sharing data with Microsoft Excel

  • what is object linking and embedding
  • linking Microsoft Excel worksheet entries to a PowerPoint presentation
  • embedding Microsoft Excel worksheet entries in a PowerPoint presentation
  • enhancing Microsoft Excel worksheet entries on a PowerPoint slide

Sharing data with Microsoft Word

  • embedding Microsoft Word text in a PowerPoint presentation
  • enhancing Microsoft Word text on a PowerPoint slide

Adding special effects to text

  • creating an artistic text block
  • using the formatting toolbar to enhance text
  • using the format painter to copy text attributes

Working with autoshapes

  • stacking autoshapes, changing the level of an autoshape
  • applying a semitransparent fill color to an autoshape
  • grouping autoshapes, adding a text box to an autoshape
  • adding a clip art image to an autoshape
  • creating a three-dimensional autoshape

Intermediate slide show techniques

  • manually branching to a specific slide in a slide show
  • adding animation effects to slides
  • using the animation effect toolbar
  • creating overhead transparencies and 35mm slides from slides of a presentation

Using PowerPoint Internet features

  • accessing the world wide web from PowerPoint
  • linking a PowerPoint presentation to a web page
  • publishing a PowerPoint presentation to the world wide web

Additional Intermediate PowerPoint features

  • saving an existing presentation in a new file
  • copying slides from one presentation to another
  • finding and replacing specific text in a presentation
  • sending a presentation via electronic mail
  • importing a Microsoft Word outline into PowerPoint
  • using the Office clipboard

Final case study

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