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Advanced Formatting Techniques

  • copying a design template from one presentation to another
  • resetting paragraph indentation on a slide
  • setting and clearing tab stops on a slide
  • adjusting an autoshape to fit text/adjusting text to fit within an autoshape
  • changing the page setup for printing slides

Creating a PowerPoint chart

  • accessing Microsoft graph/plotting a PowerPoint chart
  • modifying the components of a PowerPoint chart
  • editing the data in a PowerPoint chart

Using data from other applications

  • adding a Microsoft Word table to a slide
  • enhancing a Microsoft Word table on a slide
  • adding a Microsoft Excel chart to a presentation
  • additional methods for including a table in a presentation

Creating an organizational chart

  • accessing Microsoft organizational chart/setting up an organizational chart
  • reformatting an organizational chart
  • rearranging an organizational chart
  • saving a slide as a graphic

Including sounds and video in a presentation

  • inserting a sound clip into a slide
  • inserting a video clip into a slide
  • playing a sound clip and video clip in a slide show

Creating a custom design template

  • defining the overall slide color scheme of a new design template
  • customizing the slide background of a new design template
  • modifying the slide master and title master of a new design template
  • adding a company logo to the title master of a new design template
  • saving a new design template

Advanced slide show techniques

  • excluding a slide from a slide show
  • creating a hyperlink branch to a specific slide
  • creating a hyperlink branch to a another presentation
  • using the meeting minder
  • setting automatic slide timings

Working with PowerPoint toolbars

  • customizing a toolbar
  • creating a new toolbar

Additional advanced PowerPoint features

  • creating a summary slide, creating a custom slide show
  • exporting a PowerPoint presentation to Microsoft Word
  • saving a presentation for use on another computer
  • embedding fonts in a presentation
  • setting web page options
  • working with other PowerPoint users via the internet
  • additional topics

Final case study

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