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Working in the inbox folder

  • creating and inserting a signature into a mail message
  • using Outlook stationery to create a mail message
  • searching for specific mail messages
  • filtering the inbox listing, grouping the inbox listing
  • recalling a mail message
  • archiving mail messages and other Outlook items
  • further customizing the appearance of mail messages

Working in the contacts folder

  • sending a mail message to a contact
  • sending a meeting request to a contact
  • writing a letter to a contact
  • assigning Outlook items to categories
  • sending contact information via electronic mail

Working in the tasks folders

  • creating and sending a task request
  • responding to a task request
  • creating a custom Outlook view

Working in the calendar folder

  • saving a calendar as a web page
  • displaying multiple dates in day view of the calendar
  • customizing day view of the calendar

Creating Microsoft Office documents from Outlook

  • creating a Microsoft Office document from an Outlook folder
  • creating a Microsoft Office document from the my documents folder

Additional Intermediate Outlook features

  • creating and using a mail message template
  • displaying the web page of a contact
  • customizing notes
  • customizing Outlook menus and toolbars
  • using the Office clipboard

Final case study

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