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Getting started

  • what is Outlook? starting Outlook, the Outlook application window
  • working with Outlook menus and toolbars
  • working in the Navigation Pane, displaying help information
  • exiting from Outlook

Sending and receiving mail messages

  • creating and sending a mail message
  • displaying and responding to a mail message
  • printing a mail message
  • attaching an external file to a mail message
  • displaying the contents of a file attachment
  • forwarding a mail message
  • using follow-up flags
  • formatting a mail message
  • additional mail message topics

Manipulating and managing mail messages

  • changing the inbox folder view
  • regrouping the inbox listing
  • creating a new folder, moving a mail message into a folder
  • deleting a mail message, restoring a deleted mail message

Setting up appointments

  • navigating through the calendar
  • scheduling a single/recurring appointment
  • editing an appointment, deleting an appointment
  • scheduling an event, changing the calendar folder view
  • printing the calendar, additional appointment topics

Setting up meetings

  • sending a meeting request, responding to a meeting request
  • tracking responses to a meeting request
  • additional meeting topics

Creating a contacts list

  • adding a contact to the contact list, sorting the contact list
  • changing the contacts folder view, printing the contact list
  • additional contact topics

Creating a tasks list

  • adding a task to the task list, updating the task list
  • changing the tasks folder view, additional task topics

Maintaining a Journal

  • manually/automatically recording a journal entry
  • changing the journal folder view, additional journal topics
  • Outlook today

Using the notes folder

  • creating a note, saving a note in a file
  • changing the notes folder view
  • additional note topics

Final case study

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