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Microsoft Access is a popular database package on the IBM PC or compatible. The current courses are listed below.

The courses comprise a full day but they can be customised to meet your specific training needs.


The current courses are listed below. See our course schedule for training dates.

All courses can be customised to meet your specific training needs and can be held on-site at a time that suits you. You can benefit from getting solutions to your "real-life" problems in your own environment. One-to-one or group training is available. An on-site course can even work out to be more cost effective!

Hands Off Software Training

Mastering Microsoft Access ®

Hands On Software Training

Access 2007 Introduction
Access 2007 Intermediate

The current version of Access is 2007, but previous versions can be taught as well.

We can also help develop or design your Access database. Email or call +44 (0)1223 - 214177 for more information.


The fact that the course was tailored to focus on my own needs and situations, as opposed to a general overview, I felt that I received a great deal more out of it. With the confidence and starting point reached within the course, I have since been able to build a great deal faster than if I had received a more general run through of topics that I may never have used, and focused more on the advanced aspects relevant to me immediately."
James Kendall, Shell International

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